Develop 2 Prosper Ltd

​​Initial enquiries concerning project finance must be made via our online Project Finance Enquiry form.

The online Project Finance Enquiry form enables you to quickly provide us with concise information about your project without your having to take time to complete a comprehensive application form with details of a project which may not interest us.

Our team evaluate projects individually, so if you have more than one project you should complete one copy of the form for each project for which you are seeking funding.

After you have submitted the Project Finance enquiry form, our team will quickly determine whether your project is likely to be of interest to us or not.

If our team determine that your project is unlikely to meet our criteria, we will quickly contact you, usually within a day or two, to inform you that your project is not for us.

But if our team determine that your project may be of interest to us we will contact you requesting additional detailed information about your project,  our team will produce a recommendation for our executives' consideration. If our executives accept our teams' recommendation you will be contact by telephone proposing a way forward.

Please note that:

We quickly respond to all enquiries providing they are submitted via our online Project Finance Enquiry form and the form is correctly completed.

We do not finance projects valued at less than $10,000,000 (Ten Million Dollars)  we do not finance acquisitions and we do not finance projects in Afghanistan, Iraq or Nigeria.

All our official communications are in English. We do not offer a translation service.

Please fully complete the form below This form enables us to make a rapid assessment of your project.

Submission of this form is for information purposes only. It does not constitute an application for finance and it is not binding on any party.

We will respond by email, usually in 1 or 2 working days.

Before submitting your enquiry, please check you have access to the following information to move your request to the next stage.

1. Business plan
2. Project concept
3. Basic financial details
4. Your banking details
5. Do you know who your banking officer/account manager is?​

Project Finance Application Procedure